Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who is hueysheridan? and why is he writing this? Why should anyone care?

Good question - I'm a fan who has reading comics for over 20 years, and has been reading about them on the Internet since the mid 1990s. The key bit there is that I've been reading about comics online – and not necessarily interacting or contributing much at all. So I've just been pretty much a lurker for a long time and I'm sure no one out there has heard of me.

So why change a habit of a lifetime and begin to speak up? Well recently I've noticed that there is a gap on the market out there for intelligent blogs written by fans of what Marvel are generally doing at the moment (Paul O’Brien being the one massive exception I can think of). I may be just ignorant but it seems to me that the big guys out there – your Mike Sterlings, Chris Sims, and Dorian Wrights etc. are pretty DC-centric and cold to Marvel’s current output. I love those sites and I read them every day, but I just think there is room out there for someone who generally digs what Marvel is doing these days (and yes, that really means that at the moment I'm enjoying “Dark Reign”).

Also more specifically I was recently lured out of lurkdom to comment on a story that Alan David Doane did on his blog about Marvel’s acquisition of the Marvelman character from Mick Anglo. That made me think of all sorts of aspects of the deal and its possible repercussions, things that I didn't really see anyone else bringing up and more than I could really properly explore in a comment. So my thanks to Alan for providing the immediate impetus for this (though if you read the thread we actually disagreed strongly about the probable ultimate outcome of the deal for the creators involved).

So given my past online proclivities I cannot promises that I will keep this blog religiously updated. I have lots of ideas for posts though and a few written already so I'm hopeful at least that the next week should be consistent enough.


  1. Nobody hopes you're right about Marvel's intentions and the ultimate outcome of all this more than me, Hugh.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere, I look forward to seeing where it takes you.

  2. Welcome aboard, you poor, masochistic bastard. :)