Monday, August 3, 2009

Some quick hits

I don't have time to do a proper post today so here are a few short items:
  • Rich Johnston does an update on the Marvelman situation, and what the positions of the various rights holders may be.
  • Commenter TJ Burns at the Avengers board points out that in addition to the character's appearance as "Miracleman" in Captain Britain, Marvelman was mentioned by name in Warren Ellis' Druid miniseries in the early 90s.
  • In the comments of my post calling for Con webcasts, Chip pointed out that DC Comics has posted several long audio recordings of their panels at their website (you have to scroll down to the podcast section to find them though).
  • And finally, just because I am in love with new Daft Punk track playing in the background, here is the big Tron: Legacy Lightcycle reveal, also from Comic Con:

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